Faceblock Pro – Check who deleted you on Facebook!

Recently I was browsing App Store and discovered a new App called Faceblock Pro. Maybe you have seen a lot of tools on the Internet that offer you to check who deleted you on Facebook, however I do not feel comfortable to try them at all. When you see all the adverts they have on those website, and also when they ask for post permission on your Facebook account, I really doubt what they will do to your account. Until this App shows up..

Basically what this App does is to download your full friend list over time and compare it with the previous record and point out which friend have you deleted in their list. It is pretty simple and yet working solution and since there is not much information about this App on the net I have asked the author for an review copy and here it is. The App itself is so tiny that it took less than 30 sec to be downloaded and installed on my iPhone 5S.

※ As you can see, the first impression of the App looks very likely compare to the official Facebook App.


※ After you have pressed Connect, you will then redirect to the official Facebook app and it ask you for the authorization to receive your public profile and friend list. (Not post on your behalf)


※ And then you are entered into the main interface, as you can see there are three tab below which is: All FB friends, Recent activity and All activity.
On the All FB friends you will be able to see a list of your current friend list.


※And in the recent activity, if any of your friend got you deleted after you have installed the app, it will pop up in here and also you will receive notification about it.


※And in all activity you will be seeing all the history of your friends deleting you since you have installed the app. Of course there is nothing here at the moment but I will show you below on how this works.


※Moving on to the settings page, in here you can turn on Real time SYNC which allow you to get notified once your friend have deleted you however I doubt that will be power consuming and suggest not to have it on when you are not charging.
And then you can set the sync interval if you do not have Real time SYNC on and it is set in hours therefore the app will check every 12 hours in this case.


※Experiment time, I logged in to my other Facebook account and deleted myself. And instantly, I got an notification and allow me to enter the apps and shows the message as well.


※Going into recent activity now it shows when did your friend deleted you and allow you to delete the record.



That’s it for now for Faceblock Pro. Nothing fancy but a reliable little App.
For me it definitely worth the $1 USD however I believe there ain’t many friends who will delete me over time.
If you are looking for tools like this and do not believe in those website, this is a must have for you.
Still, there are many rooms for improvement but it is acceptable as long as the main feature works perfectly fine.

Score: ★★★★☆

List of improvement can be made:

  • The top info bar which shows your battery life and time is missing
  • In setting page, the slide control of the sync interval does not save itself and the next time you enter the app only the numbers of hours changed but not the position of the slide bar.
  • Due to API limitation, you can only monitor friends who deleted you after you have install the app and let it synced once.
  • It can only monitor friends who deleted you but not friends who blocked you and so on. (Which again API limitation)
  • It will be better if you can monitor other social network such as Twitter as well.