How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F with Z3X / Octopus Box on Android 6.0.1

Due to work and a lot of personal things going on for the past few years, I haven’t got a chance to write a blog post for a long time. I decide to write this blog post as I believe this will help a lot of people and it will be a good memory exercise for my brain as well.

The advantage of this method instead of rooting your device is that it will remain your KNOX status as 0 so you will still have full warranty with Samsung after unlock. Notice that if you root your device using toolkit like CF-Root will void your warranty and this is definitely something you do not want. (Due to the high fault rate of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series)


  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F / G953FD (Dual SIM) which is network locked
  2. Z3X / Octopus Box (To perform the unlock procedure)
  3. Odin (To flash the standalone modem)
  4. Modem file

Brief explanation:

By flashing the standalone modem, it will downgrade the modem back to the Andorid 6.0 version which has yet to be patched and can be unlocked without root through Z3X / Ocotpus box.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open up Odin and load the modem file onto the AP field
  2. Boot up your device in Download mode (Turn off completely, and turn on again by holding Volume Down + Home + Power, and release power once it is powered on)
  3. Flash the modem file into the device
  4. It will reboot automatically
  5. Once rebooted, use your Z3X / Octopus box to perform the unlock
  6. Profit.