[iOS App] AVG Photo Cleaner aka Gallery Doctor review

When Gallery Doctor has first launched in ProductHunt back in a year ago, I asked the author (Ron Levy) for a promo code, therefore, I can review his app and publish a blog about it. He was very kind to give me the code but I did not keep up with my promise until now. Although it is a little bit too late and it’s now called AVG Photo Cleaner now on the app store (guess he sold the app to AVG), here is my honest review.

iPhone spaces have always has been an issue for every iPhone user, I still remember my first iPhone was the iPhone 4 when I first started Uni, and it got a tiny 8GB of memory, great. And before, backing up your photo or transferring them to your computer was not as easy as 123 (still isn’t super easy now but you can do it nicely and wirelessly with PhotoSync). And we didn’t have any unlimited backup services like Google Photo, ShoeBoEver and Amazon Prime Photo to backup our precious photos.

Even though these days 32GB comes at a minimum and 64GB is more a standard, I still find myself having the storage prompt windows every now and then. And I believe AVG Photo Cleaner comes in handy in this situation. It uses a smart algorithm to detect badly taken photos, duplicates and more. And allow you to save spaces just by deleting those unwanted images that will take you forever to sort out if you are going to do it manually. After playing it for a few moments, I find it quite smart and its duplicate detection works very well finding those moments where I just had my thumb on the big circle shutter pressed forever. And as long as you have backed up your photo, there sure isn’t any harm to delete them as you still have a 2nd chance to review it in your trash bin before “really deleting them”.

It does come with a pricier price tag of $3.99 on the App Stores, but all in all, if you value your time, I believe it is still worth it 🙂

Things I like:

  • Hassle-free photo management
  • Duplicate finder
  • Easy to use interface

I will give it a 7.5 out of 10 in this case.


Faceblock Pro – Check who deleted you on Facebook!

Recently I was browsing App Store and discovered a new App called Faceblock Pro. Maybe you have seen a lot of tools on the Internet that offer you to check who deleted you on Facebook, however I do not feel comfortable to try them at all. When you see all the adverts they have on those website, and also when they ask for post permission on your Facebook account, I really doubt what they will do to your account. Until this App shows up..

Basically what this App does is to download your full friend list over time and compare it with the previous record and point out which friend have you deleted in their list. It is pretty simple and yet working solution and since there is not much information about this App on the net I have asked the author for an review copy and here it is. The App itself is so tiny that it took less than 30 sec to be downloaded and installed on my iPhone 5S.

※ As you can see, the first impression of the App looks very likely compare to the official Facebook App.


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