How to remove the demo mode on HTC 10 (M10) and turn it into a retail unit

Recently I bought myself a HTC 10 from eBay which appears to be a demo unit but with full network functionaility. However the Demo app on the phone does annoys me which it pop itself up every 30 secs and you have to either hit “return” or “home” key just to exit it.

As you might already know, the demo unit lock you from factory resetting or making any system changes to the device. There is no way for you to uninstall it or disable it, and it even stop you from connecting to your computer via USB. It makes sense that HTC added such limitation, afterall, it is for store display purpose. But, with a little investment, it is possible to remove such limitation to make it into a retail unit.


  1. HTC 10 (m10) demo unit with demo app
  2. SunShine app (to S-OFF and unlocked the device)
  3. TWRP Recovery
  4. ADB and Fastboot (I recommend MiniADB and Fastboot toolkit)

Step-by-steps tutorial:

  1. Go to the SunShine app website on your HTC 10, download and install
  2. After the initial tests, confirm that SunShine can S-OFF / Unlock your device
  3. Pay $24.99 In-App to complete the process
  4. Reboot in bootloader / download mode
  5. Flash TWPR recovery into the device using fastboot command (See TWRP page for instruction)
  6. 6. Go into TWPR recovery, it will ask you for encryption key, skip that. Go into Wipe, advance wipe and wipe the encryption key.
  7. Reboot
  8. Profit


  • You might also want to root your device, please refer to this XDA thread
  • OTA will be broken after flashing the TWRP, you might want to update your device manually, more information on this XDA thread