[iOS App] AVG Photo Cleaner aka Gallery Doctor review

When Gallery Doctor has first launched in ProductHunt back in a year ago, I asked the author (Ron Levy) for a promo code, therefore, I can review his app and publish a blog about it. He was very kind to give me the code but I did not keep up with my promise until now. Although it is a little bit too late and it’s now called AVG Photo Cleaner now on the app store (guess he sold the app to AVG), here is my honest review.

iPhone spaces have always has been an issue for every iPhone user, I still remember my first iPhone was the iPhone 4 when I first started Uni, and it got a tiny 8GB of memory, great. And before, backing up your photo or transferring them to your computer was not as easy as 123 (still isn’t super easy now but you can do it nicely and wirelessly with PhotoSync). And we didn’t have any unlimited backup services like Google Photo, ShoeBoEver and Amazon Prime Photo to backup our precious photos.

Even though these days 32GB comes at a minimum and 64GB is more a standard, I still find myself having the storage prompt windows every now and then. And I believe AVG Photo Cleaner comes in handy in this situation. It uses a smart algorithm to detect badly taken photos, duplicates and more. And allow you to save spaces just by deleting those unwanted images that will take you forever to sort out if you are going to do it manually. After playing it for a few moments, I find it quite smart and its duplicate detection works very well finding those moments where I just had my thumb on the big circle shutter pressed forever. And as long as you have backed up your photo, there sure isn’t any harm to delete them as you still have a 2nd chance to review it in your trash bin before “really deleting them”.

It does come with a pricier price tag of $3.99 on the App Stores, but all in all, if you value your time, I believe it is still worth it 🙂

Things I like:

  • Hassle-free photo management
  • Duplicate finder
  • Easy to use interface

I will give it a 7.5 out of 10 in this case.


How to remove the demo mode on HTC 10 (M10) and turn it into a retail unit

Recently I bought myself a HTC 10 from eBay which appears to be a demo unit but with full network functionaility. However the Demo app on the phone does annoys me which it pop itself up every 30 secs and you have to either hit “return” or “home” key just to exit it.

As you might already know, the demo unit lock you from factory resetting or making any system changes to the device. There is no way for you to uninstall it or disable it, and it even stop you from connecting to your computer via USB. It makes sense that HTC added such limitation, afterall, it is for store display purpose. But, with a little investment, it is possible to remove such limitation to make it into a retail unit.


  1. HTC 10 (m10) demo unit with demo app
  2. SunShine app (to S-OFF and unlocked the device)
  3. TWRP Recovery
  4. ADB and Fastboot (I recommend MiniADB and Fastboot toolkit)

Step-by-steps tutorial:

  1. Go to the SunShine app website on your HTC 10, download and install
  2. After the initial tests, confirm that SunShine can S-OFF / Unlock your device
  3. Pay $24.99 In-App to complete the process
  4. Reboot in bootloader / download mode
  5. Flash TWPR recovery into the device using fastboot command (See TWRP page for instruction)
  6. 6. Go into TWPR recovery, it will ask you for encryption key, skip that. Go into Wipe, advance wipe and wipe the encryption key.
  7. Reboot
  8. Profit


  • You might also want to root your device, please refer to this XDA thread
  • OTA will be broken after flashing the TWRP, you might want to update your device manually, more information on this XDA thread

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F with Z3X / Octopus Box on Android 6.0.1

Due to work and a lot of personal things going on for the past few years, I haven’t got a chance to write a blog post for a long time. I decide to write this blog post as I believe this will help a lot of people and it will be a good memory exercise for my brain as well.

The advantage of this method instead of rooting your device is that it will remain your KNOX status as 0 so you will still have full warranty with Samsung after unlock. Notice that if you root your device using toolkit like CF-Root will void your warranty and this is definitely something you do not want. (Due to the high fault rate of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series)


  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F / G953FD (Dual SIM) which is network locked
  2. Z3X / Octopus Box (To perform the unlock procedure)
  3. Odin (To flash the standalone modem)
  4. Modem file

Brief explanation:

By flashing the standalone modem, it will downgrade the modem back to the Andorid 6.0 version which has yet to be patched and can be unlocked without root through Z3X / Ocotpus box.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open up Odin and load the modem file onto the AP field
  2. Boot up your device in Download mode (Turn off completely, and turn on again by holding Volume Down + Home + Power, and release power once it is powered on)
  3. Flash the modem file into the device
  4. It will reboot automatically
  5. Once rebooted, use your Z3X / Octopus box to perform the unlock
  6. Profit.